Once I make a reservation with JetPresso, are prices all inclusive?

Yes they are. The actual duration of the flight or the fact that the aircraft has to be de-iced will not affect the price agreed at the time of your reservation, unlike with some other private jets companies. The next time you book the same flight, the price should also be essentially the same; our tariffs are predictable and can be relied upon when you plan a journey with us.

Is my schedule fully flexible if I book a flight with JetPresso?

It is when you chose your tariff and make your reservation. We will do our best to satisfy your later requirements but we cannot guarantee we will be able to. Scheduling flights is not a simple task nowadays; not only do you need to make sure you have the necessary aircraft and crew available but you need to book take-off and landing slots at sometimes busy airports; the slightest change to the original schedule might disrupt all that. Our customers must be mindful of this. In particular they should be careful not being unexpectedly late for their return flight without having first checked whether rescheduling is feasible; otherwise the consequences can be substantial for all involved.

Can I rent a car at destination through JetPresso?

Yes. At most airports business jets are handled at a dedicated terminal where car rental companies have no desk or the airport is too small to offer such services, at all, which means wasting some of the precious time you just saved flying with us. We have therefore worked out an agreement with some rental companies, whereby they guarantee they will deliver your car wherever the jet will dock and they will pick it up at the same location when you leave.

Are any other extra services available when booking with JetPresso?

Yes, you can order champagne or specialty food to be delivered on board. We can also assist you in making a reservation with one of our partners, or book a hotel or restaurant of your choice, or help you to get tickets for a cultural or sport event.