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Why is flying with JetPresso a better solution than being part of a shared ownership program?

With a shared ownership program you need to commit yourself to flying annually a more or less constant number of hours on a particular type of aircraft, this for 10 years. This generally does  not match your actual demand, which varies over time. Once enrolled in such a program it is not that easy to get out of it. If you don’t need all the hours you are entitled to you will still pay the fixed costs attached to them or you will tend to force yourself to use them, just looking at the variable costs. On demand is much more flexible and, all considered generally cheaper per flight.

Can I rent a car at destination through JetPresso?

Yes. At most airports business jets are handled at a dedicated terminal where car rental companies have no desk or the airport is too small to offer such services at all, which means wasting some of the precious time you just saved flying with us. We have therefore worked out an agreement with some rental companies, whereby they guarantee they will deliver your car wherever the jet will dock and they will pick it up at the same location when you leave.

Are any other extra services available when booking with JetPresso?

Yes, you can order champagne or specialty food to be delivered on board. We can also assist you in making a reservation with one of our partners, or book a hotel or restaurant of your choice, or help you to get tickets for a cultural or sport event.

How often do I have to fly with JetPresso to become a Club Member?

Only 3 times a year. We realize that some customers will only fly with us on special occasions: when it is really too cumbersome otherwise to make it to a reunion or event within a reasonable time, to meet an important customer or to celebrate a wedding anniversary. These customers think of us on such occasions and are hence considered loyal to us. They will enjoy a simplified booking procedure and they will benefit from a privileged access to our promotions; such as attractive tariffs for week-ends at the seaside.